Best Privacy Fences in Ocala

Privacy Fences

Privacy Fencing

Adding a privacy fence to your property can have many benefits. For starters, it increases privacy and security. Keep prying eyes from intruding on your space, and ensure that unwanted visitors can’t get in and kids and pets can’t get out. Plus, privacy fencing looks great, and it can even boost your home’s value. So while privacy fencing can certainly be a significant expense, it’s also a worthwhile investment for your home.

PVC/Vinyl Privacy Fencing

PVC and vinyl are a great choice of material for your privacy fence. Boasting a much longer lifespan than wood fencing, vinyl fences are known to last for up to 50 years with proper care and installation. There are many styles and varieties available, and the added longevity that comes with a vinyl fence means you won’t have to deal with the headache of a fence replacement for decades to come. Call our team at Dan’s Fencing to help you install a long-lasting, beautiful vinyl privacy fence on your property today.

Wooden Privacy Fences

The advantage of choosing wood fencing is that it’s a much more affordable material. They’re also aesthetically unique, adding a lot of beauty to your property. Though they won’t last nearly as long as vinyl fencing, they’re a budget-friendly option that can still provide many years of privacy and security. But like vinyl fences, wooden fences also require proper installation and ongoing maintenance to ensure they last. Call us at Dan’s Fencing to discuss wooden privacy fencing options for your home.


Every job is completely unique, so we’ll come take a look at your property and give you a precise quote for your upcoming project. At Dan’s Fencing, we’ll provide a free estimate for a new privacy fence installation on your property. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate!